Outstanding Commitment Award

The Outstanding Commitment Award is intended to recognizes the exceptional contribution made by an employee or group of employees to the EPFL community, and to our students in particular.

One of our missions at EPFL is to provide an environment in which our faculty members, other employees and students can not only excel, but thrive. With this award, we want to honor individual employees or groups of employees who enable our School to better fulfill its missions of education, research and innovation. Do you have a colleague or group of colleagues whose commitment serves as an example, embodies our institution’s values and improves the quality of our education, research or innovation? If so, nominate them for this award!

The prize will be handed out once a year by the EPFL Direction at the Magistrale, our Master’s graduation ceremony.

The award

The award winner receives 2K CHF, a prize certificate and lunch/dinner with EPFL President and/or Provost.

Nominations must be received by Wednesday, 2 August 2023.

Use your @epfl email address to login

All EPFL employees can be nominated. The award may acknowledge an employee or a group of employees.

Nominations may be submitted by colleagues, by direct reports or by recognized associations/bodies. Self-nominations are not accepted. The nomination must be supported by at least two people.

To be awarded, the employee or group of employees should:

  • Have developed activities that embellish the life of some parts of EPFL community
  • Be an excellent role model
  • Inspire others to work collaboratively and creatively
  • Demonstrate initiative
  • Promote a work environment that is respectful, collegial, supportive and diverse
  • Be actively involved in mentorship and the development of others (where applicable)

The EPFL Assembly has formed a nominations committee that will shortlist three nominees based on their exemplary, innovative contributions.

The committee will then send that list to the EPFL Direction, who will select the winner. In exceptional cases two winners can be announced in the same year

The composition of the review committee is as follows: